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Logistics Industry require Vigilance

The logistics industry in the GCC ranges from sites such as Free Zones, vast warehouses, shared warehouses and in house stores and warehouses on the particular outlet site. Sometimes these logistical facilities are located inside mega malls and might be located on levels other than ground level. The nature of these facilities is all the same, merchandize or products are being delivered and dispatched from there to one or numerous locations. Security at these site demand a 24/7 vigilance with excellent quality of service after hours. Many times the after hours activities are much more intense than the business hours and this is where a good system and accessibility to competent management become critical.

Range of Services Offered
The range of facilities serviced is single stores to warehouse complexes and mall delivery areas
We are able to provide the following set of services:
  • Vehicle and freight searches
  • Documentation verification
  • Loading bay security
  • CCTV and control room
  • Lock down and opening procedures
  • Employees searches
  • Fire Fighting Equipment checks