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Retail Industry is Complex

Along with the oil industry and real estate industry the retail industry forms the back-bone of the UAE economy. This industry attracts millions of tourists from many countries all over the world, these tourists in turn represents an even larger cultural and religious diversity than what can be found anywhere in the world. The UAE is also peculiar in the sense that the brands in the retail industry represent from the most famous brands down to no brand name outlets most of which are present mall of all sizes, small community malls to mega malls. Security service providers must therefore be very flexible and able to adjust and customize their processes and determine which type of guard will be a perfect fit for that particular brand, owner, culture or facility.

We are able to provide the following set of services:
  • Employees searches
  • Fire Fighting Equipment checks
  • Lost and Found items control
  • Loading bay security
  • CCTV and control room
  • Lock down and opening procedures
  • Store Detectives
  • Front end security
  • Cashier control
  • Fitting room security